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Yunnan TianTu Law Firm was founded in September 2002, by a group of lawyers with the ideal of rule of law who practice and perform their duties in accordance with the principle of "honesty and pragmatism".

The vision of TianTu Law Firm is that "The uncertainty of the ups and downs of life can be cleared, and obstacles can be overturned". The firm was named TianTu by its founders, which in Chinese refers to the doctrine of "one law between man and nature", which in practice means: "equity, fairness and justice".

The firm has a first-class professional team with excellent knowledge, rich experience and good reputation. During the changing times of the world, we adhere to the fundamental principle of "fairness and justice".

With the altitude of "honesty and pragmatism", we always do our upmost best to provide high-quality legal services to our customers and to protect their lawful rights and interests to the maximum extent.

Our long-term clients include, but are not limited to, state administrative organs, public organizations, state and private enterprises and institutions, companies and citizens.

Our services cover various legal fields including civil, commercial, criminal, administrative law, non-litigation and other business areas, such as finance, real estate, energy, mining, construction, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, agriculture, culture, public services and other industries.

In the course of providing comprehensive legal services to our clients over the years, the firm adheres to the idea of innovation, taking into account the situation, complying with the need to create personalized intellectual property stewardship services for enterprises, and constantly innovates specific high-quality legal services to effectively meet the actual needs of our customers and to maximize the protection of their legitimate rights and interests.

The firm pays attention to the cultivation of internal personnel training and the inheritance of knowledge. It is one of the Yunnan Provincial Law Firms for Practicing Lawyers Applying for Internship, and is a training base for practicing lawyers.

The firm has established long-term communication and cooperation mechanism with Yunnan's neighbour countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos but as well other countries, as well as with legal service institutions outside Yunnan province in China.

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